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    My Macbook Wont Recognize My Mouse
    So I'm relatively new to macs. My girlfriend has a retractable use mouse I threw into the mac book so I could use a mouse for a few things here and there but the macbook seems to not recognize the mouse whatsoever. It flickers ever so slightly when i plug it in but after that theres no function on it. The red light on the mouse is on so I know its at least connecting. It also works fine on her PC so I'm assuming its not the mouse. Its a Targus AMU2601EUK model. I can't find any useful information on this model anywhere. I can't even seem to find the model on Targus' web site so I dont even know if there is a driver. I'll probably end up just buying a mac compatible mouse but Im still curious as **** as to why this wont work on my macbook pro. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Unless the mouse itself is defective or your USB port is not putting out enough power, it should work. Just about any USB mouse will work with a Mac portable or an iMac. I'm currently using a cheap Logitech notebook mouse with my MacBook and it works fine.


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