So many of you have heard about the logitech G13 and how it is a gameboard copy of the G series keyboards. I gave it a whirl and bought one last week. Its a nice little thing with some draw backs.

Size and feel: 9/10
It fits my large sized hands great, I don't have to reach out to far for my binds/macros.

Layout: 8.5/10
Feels nice everything is nicely put although I wish the screen was a bit easier to read, I.E. changing the tilt so you don't always have to look down to see it.

Software: going to have to give it a score based on Os
Pc (windows 7 x64): 10/10
Wonderful, easier and creates and easy way to make macros and scripts.

Mac 10.6: 3/10
When you plug it in and start to setup your software, it only picks up WoW as the application no matter the app. It will change all your setups even the ones saved on the game board to the WoW app for mac.

Ease of use: 6/10
Takes some time to get used to but I would have given it another shot if it was not the problem for mac users. The hard part is remembering were you bound things, lucky they have a little print out, although it would be nice if they had an ICD screen readout.

Overall: Pc: 9/10 Mac: 6/10
Great little thing just stay away if your a mac user/owner and you want to use it for more than just WoW. If your a pc user this is your hopes and dreams in a nice little package.

End result I'm returning it.