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    Which cable do I need for my MBP
    Hey guys,
    I bought a WD passport on ebay and it did not come with any cables. It is the passport 500gb studio at this link:
    My Passport Studio 500 GB Triple Interface Hard Drives ( WDMT5000 )
    Just wondering which firewire cable I need to buy to make it compatible with my MBP. I can't tell if my MBP has the 400 or 800 size port. It is the 2.2 MBP Core 2 Duo (not the newest ones that are out now but the gen before).
    thanks a ton

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    It most likely has the older (larger) sized firewire port. You should be able to check your specs with your serial number on the apple website to know for sure. I used to have the 2.2ghz model and it had the older firewire cord.

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    Check out this Wikipedia article for guidance IEEE 1394 interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The various types of Firewire are discussed along with pictures of each connector. There is a picture of a Firewire 800 connector in that section of the article. Look at the tip only. Ignore the large area at the rear of the picture.

    As an alternative look at the back of your drive and see if the connections are marked. Most of them are and it should be possible to compare it to the connector on your Mac. The Firewire 400 connector is larger and more rectangular than a Firewire 800 connection.

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