Which Enclosure and HD for my iBook G4?

I need to find a good enclosure and HD to use with my iBook G4. I'm running Tiger, OSX 10.4. I'd like to get a larger HD though, probably either 500GB or 640GB.

I need to use the external HD to boot the computer, and also need two Firewire and one USB connections, so I can connect other external drives.

Any suggestions?

I've been using this enclosure:

Rosewill RX30-U2FA Aluminum 3.5" USB 2.0 (USB1.1) 1 port (4pin) FireWire 400 (1394a) 2 ports (6pin) External Enclosure

with this HD:

HDD 300GB MAXTOR 16M ATA133 7L300R0

for over four years, with no problems until yesterday afternoon ....

I need a new external HD, because our neighbor was messing around with the circuit breakers and flipped the switches, which cut our power and damaged my external HD!

Any suggestions? Thanks!