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    External Hard Disk Format
    Hey, I'm sure there's plenty of threads out there on such things, but i cant find quite enough time in my day to search through 400 pages of info, sorry in advance.

    I'm looking for a nice external hard drive for my MBP, however, I also Boot Camp Windows Vista (I'm eventually upgrading to 7, though Vista for now).

    Finding a hard drive isn't such a big problem as finding a good way to format it. Thing is, I would like to store files that are much bigger than 4GB on my HD, so FAT32 is out of the question, and I'd like my OSX.5 partition to be able to write to it too, so NTFS seems out of the question. Is there any way to format the Hard Disk on a single partition, or am I out of luck?

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    You can use NTFS-3G along with MacFUSE to read/write to an NTFS partition within OS X.

    Linky to app and tutorial on setting it up can be found over here on Life Hack.


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    Thank you kindly, I'll try it out at my next convenience and let ya know how it turns out!

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    I've been using NTFS for Mac by Paragon for a few years now, works great!
    PARAGON Software Group - NTFS for Mac, communication channel between Mac OS X and Windows

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