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Thread: Issues with my 1TB, Mybook.

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    Question Issues with my 1TB, Mybook.
    so i was given a new 1TB Mybook from western digital, my buddy bought it a few months ago, lost the receipt never took it back and gave it to me as a gift..

    i recently opened the hard drive, and have been having a crumby time with trying to get it to work correctly, and was wondering if i could get some help...

    here the issue.

    i connect the drive to my 13inch mac book, just a couple years old, and the hard drive dosent connect, not information in the disk utility, dosent come up on my desktop, almost like it dosent exist, was wondering if there was anything that could help me locate it, and format it... its becoming a pain in the butt, ive been looking all over the Western digital site and i havent been able to download or find any trouble shooting tips that could help me...

    i would hate to have to call and them tell me that there is nothing i could do... this 1TB would definetly come in handy....

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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    If it's not even showing up in Disk Utility, then it's not being recognized as even being attached and is most commonly a connection issue.

    At that point, try a different port, try a different cable, open it up and disconnect and reconnect the drive.
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    I had this very same issue a week ago. I tried everything I could think of to make it work with my Mac. I even started a thread for assistants but nothing worked.

    I hate to point you to Windows but that's what I ended up doing. I downloaded this free program(Partition Wizzard) from and was able to format the drive. Good luck!

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