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    Battery down on my macbook (using 50Hz and 60Hz)
    Hello, my battery went down after 102 battery load cycles. It went from 5020 mAh (original battery capacity) to 169 mAh (current battery capacity) on a 34 months old (source coconutBattery) Mac book.
    It seems that the capacity of my battery went down rapidly since I am using it in Europe (50Hz, 220V) but I bought it and used in the US (60Hz, 110V) before. Could it be related? Could the charging in Europe deteriorate the battery? Any other ideas on the subject? I feel that the life-time of the battery is quite low for such few load cycles.

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    Have you been doing battery calibrations here and if you try resetting the SMC here it may help. can't see the supply voltage/freq having any effect.

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