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Thread: Mac tech support killed my printer settings

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    Mac tech support killed my printer settings
    An Apple tech support person last week deleted my business email, losing three years of "sent" emails. During the ensuing time at the computer hospital, during which I was given a "clone" of my own machine while they try to retrieve what was lost, all of my printer settings were lost. I'd appreciate anyone who can help me figure out how to set my HP Photosmart 7260 so that it will again print in color and also so that I can select print quality, etc.

    Also, how do I get beyond the first idiot support person at Apple who answers the line? Never again will I deal with the first level people. I've lost thousands of dollars in business because of this.

    Thanks for any help you can render.


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    I'm assuming you didn't have a backup? As important as data is especially when running a business, you need to develop a good backup strategy. Apple support does the best they can especially when dealing with a problem over the phone.

    As for your HP Photosmart 7260, does it show up at all under printers? If it does, it might be easiest to completely delete it and install it again. The latest Mac OS X drivers for your printer can be downloaded from here.


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