I bought an old SCSI-1 Quantum drive on eBay recently, hoping to get it connected to a Mac Plus I'm trying to rehab. I've been working on it with my old PowerMac running OS9.1.

Apparently, the drive was encrypted with DiskGuard, circa 1994, and I don't have any way to get rid of that. But I also can't simply wipe and reformat the drive! I've got FWB Hard Disk Toolkit, which can't see the drive at all, mounted or not.

Not having any other SCSI-1 device to connect it to, is there a way to simply destroy and wipe the data from this drive?

Cracking the encryption might be a solution, but I wouldn't know where to look for antique Mac hacker tools. If I fail, I'm out a whole ten bucks, so no big loss if it comes to that.