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Thread: Question regarding UPS/APC buy

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    Sep 12, 2008
    Question regarding UPS/APC buy
    Hello everyone.

    I had the most catostrophic experience yesterday. My new OctoCore MacPro had its first experience with a power faliure!!!

    Luckily- no damage has been detected yet to the data on my internal & external drives... RELIEF

    Now I'm frantically trying to purchase a complimenting APC/UPS for tower. There are many choices on, but have no idea what the "power consumption" criteria are for the MacPro, so I must ask here...

    So, can anyone provide any insight into these units, or what the best size would be?

    I have been looking at this one because it seems to have good reviews: - APC BR1500LCD 1500VA 865 Watts 8 Outlets BACK-UPS RS - UPS

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    That is a pretty good unit- it does have AVR (automatic voltage regulation) which protects you from both lows and peaks in power.

    Looks like most of their Mac software hasn't been updated since 10.4.8. If you need the software to shut down the system while you're away, you might email APC support to ask if it's still functioning in 10.6.
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    thank you for the reply..

    I also came across this one:*|*APC

    It's a bit more expensive, but seems to have 2 more outlets.

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    It's a nice unit, however, as bobtomay pointed out in his previous reply... does this one come with compatible software that will work with your MacPro to shut it down automatically in the event you're not around to do so?


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