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Thread: 30" Cinema HD to work with newer PC video card's?

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    30" Cinema HD to work with newer PC video card's?
    I am a Mac laptop, and LCD fan, but a hardcore gamer, so I use PC's for that type of stuff!

    Anyhow, my question is, does anyone know if they newer PC video card's (such as the nVidia 6800 Ultra *512MB* version) will support the 30 inch Cinema HD display, as they have dual DVI, and a ton of memory?

    Thank you,

    Yan Booth

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    Whatever card this guy used will work with *two* Cinema Displays:

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    I have never understood why the 30in takes such a high end video card to run it... I have heard that Matrox makes a video card that can run the 30in displays but I don't know about ATI and NVidia.

    Even if a PC video card could run that high of a resolution in Windows, I doubt you are going to find a system with enough power to run games that high.

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    Oh, too bad, it won't work out too well.
    Thanks anyhow

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    Thats a good point... I guess I will stick with the 23" Cinema HD, which is good, because the price just dropped!


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    Go with the Dell 24in, I have heard good things about it and it is cheaper.

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    Yeah the dell LCDs are really good quality, and lets face it apples displays are slightly more expensive.....

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    I've been back and forth about which I want. The Dell 24" vs the Apple 23". The thing I keep coming back to is that the Apple casing/styling just looks better. It makes me sad that I'm willing to spend an extra $400 or so for the styling but I keep coming back to it.

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