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    I've never posted here but have gotten much help in the past from browsing, so I thank you all for sharing your knowledge.

    I have been using a standard DVI to HDMI cable to play the video on a HDTV and a headphone jack to RCA cable to play the audio through stereo. It works well, but is frustrating when I want to watch a movie where no stereo is available. Also, now that I'm home for Christmas, my dear mom can't figure out why turning the TV up won't make the movie louder.

    Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows of a better setup. This converter box looked hopeful... DVI-I Dual Link To HDMI Converter + SPDIF Audio: Electronics

    .. but it's got nothing but bad reviews. Is there any way to get both audio and video from a macbook pro to an hdmi (or RCA) cable? Thanks.

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    Hello and welcome. Your question is a very common one here lately and you'll find several threads that will answer your question. Just use the search feature at the top of this page.


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