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    how can I get xbox live to connect to my mac?
    I have an xbox 360. I also have a mac running os X (10.5.8). I am not having any luck getting xbox live to connect to my mac. I run the Xbox test. The xbox sees my wireless network but then this message appears
    "Can't obtain ip address from your router or modem"

    I have turned my Dlink on and off and my computer. but no luck. I called xbox and they said they couldn't help b/c it was a problem with the setting on the mac. so, i am turning to you folks for advice.

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    did you set internet sharing on in system preferences-->sharing?

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    YouTube - HOW TO USE MAC FOR XBOX LIVE (new and improved way!) I was lurking through youtube, clicked this video randomly like 30 minutes ago and just now saw this thread haha. Hope this helps.

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