I have borrowed a friends Power Mac G4 and have connected it up to my Samsung 226BW LCD display using the video cable supplied.

The cable has a VGA plug (connected to the G4) on one end and a DVI plug on the other end (to connect to the monitor).

The Samsung monitor works fine when connected (using a different cable with DVI connections at both ends by the way) to my Dell laptop (running Windows Vista) but when I connect the Power Mac to the display I get no signal, the screen stays blank. The G4 is on with the light at the front working and the fan running.

Is this because of the cable I'm using or might there be anything else I should be looking at?

By the way, the Samsung monitor has an RGB and a DVI socket.

I haven't used an Apple Mac for years now so these beasts are new to me, so please excuse me if it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about as I don't.