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Thread: Partition External HD [NTFS, FAT 32, HFS]

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    Nov 05, 2009
    Partition External HD [NTFS, FAT 32, HFS]

    I have just got Lacie 250GB usb, Firewire external HD. My main ai is to hook it up to a router [Asus Rt_n13u] which supports download when pc is off and also acts as an ftp server

    I have desktop Pc [Windows 7] and a Mac book pro. My requirements are to read the files of the hard drive. I understand that Mac and Pc use differnt formats to write files however afte reading post some data was known to me as follows

    1>Windows uses NTFS system
    2>MAC uses HFS and HFS+ systems
    3>Both can read and write to FAT 32 [liit write 4gb]
    4>Mac can read from NTFS but not write

    I was pondering

    1>Can i create 2 -3 patitions on the HD [2 primary and one extnded as NTFS, HFS, FAT32 ]

    2>If it is possible should i create 3 partition using windows utility. format 2 of them as ntfs and fat 32 then switch to mac and do HFS

    3>elsewise i do the smae from Mac and then to windows

    4>I know windows uses MBR and Mac GUID but Mac while creating partitioins gives u an option to maintain data as MBR {disk Utility]

    5>So should i make 3 partitions [ DU] from Mac with table system as MBR. create one as HFS one as FAT 32 and the hook the hd to windows and complete the final as NTFS

    has anyone done this

    hoping for a easy to undersand reply


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    Depends, for simplicity sake FAT32 but there is a 4GB write limit.

    There is also the option of installing third party driver/software so that your Mac can write to NTSF. IE. NTSF 3G.

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    thank you the 4gb option is hindering as i would like to use that hd as media server and watch movies directly downloaded
    wil try an evaluate the softwares you mentioned

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    Ask and the information shall be delivered. Check out this hint for creating a HFS+, FAT32, and NTFS partition. Create an HFS+/NTFS/FAT32 external drive - Mac OS X Hints. I suggest reading that entire thread. if I recall correctly one of the later posters improved the process a bit.

    I had a HFS+ and FAT32 partition for a while based on the original hint from '02 or whenever. I did it as an experiment but stopped using it because I didn't need it. Besides at the time I couldn't spare the drive space. I also found that I had to manually mount the HFS+ partition. Not sure if that's true for this hint.

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