I ordered a fully-loaded Mini on Apr. 22 through the on-line Canadian Apple Store, but I was very reluctant to pay the extra $408 CDN for the 1GB of RAM. Nevertheless, I reluctantly paid for Apple to do it for me because I don't like tinkering with brand-new items myself, plus I didn't want to void my Apple warranty. I also heard that 1GB on a Mini is well worth it.

So today I went on-line to check my order status (est. date of shipping: May 23!), and lo and behold, a $126 reduction on my bill! For some reason I thought that perhaps the RAM prices might have dropped and sure enough, I found out that installing 1GB of RAM on the Mini is now $282 CDN -- $126 less than before, or a 30% price drop!

It's still definitely not the best deal out there, esp. for those of you who buy your RAM second-party and install it on your own, but hopefully this development is an encouragement to us less-tinkery, warranty-conscious types!