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    connecting my Panasonic tcp58v10 plasma to Macbook
    Hi guys,
    i just bought a new 58" panasonic tcp58v10 plasma tv.
    I tried to hook up my macbook (circa 2008) to it via the minidisplay port to HDMI adapter from monoprice.
    I can not get it to fit. With overscan on, it cuts off the top and bottom of the screen. With overscan off, the entire plasma screen is not utilised.
    i have tried this on my samsung 6000 led tv and it works fine with overscan on.

    wth. Any ideas? and no, i don't want to use vga. analog is inferior!

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    Samsung has only recently begun providing a HDMI port specifically for computers and takes care of the overscan issue internally. As far as I am aware, they are the only manufacturer doing so. (Samsung, you're still never getting any of my money again until you fix your customer service.)

    The graphics drivers for OS X are way behind in this area compared to those for Windows. ATI pretty much has this down and their Win drivers recognize and automatically take care of this overscan issue with all the HDTVs I have tried. nVidia at least provides incremental resolution adjustments to take care of it in Windows.

    On your Mac, you will need SwitchResX or DisplayConfigx, and come up with your own custom resolution to fit your plasma. Or live with the border around all 4 sides like I did until I built a HTPC.

    Just purchased a Panny 58" plasma also. I use a Win7 HTPC rather than a Mac in my home theater partly due to this issue among others.

    (If you grab one of those two apps - start off with a resolution of 1824x1030 - that's where I've got my nVidia card set on my plasma. Even though it's in Windows, should give you a good starting point.)

    edit: OK, I think I'm done now.
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    I will give that a try!
    thanks for the help.

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