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    Mouse doesn't feel accurate
    I just got a macbook pro and I've had an iMac before and I noticed when i had a logitech wireless mouse on it, the mouse never seemed to be real smooth or accurate. At least I suppose thats the best way to describe it. I just got a mouse for my macbook pro (logitech lx8) and I still have that feeling of it not being real smooth or precise. And it's not the surface. I was wondering if maybe bluetooth mice are better. Or if anything is better. I'm a graphic designer and I need a mouse thats going to be accurate and not a pain to use. I get the same feeling using it in windows xp and mac os x, by the way.

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    Man ... I haven't been here that long and I've seen this topic come up often.
    Please use the search function ...

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Yea, it does come up all the time.. although for graphics work a tablet is about a billion times more accurate, more intuitive and easier to use than a mouse.
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    yeah you're right, I messed up there. But one thing I didn't read in other threads was about it happening in a bootcamp'd windows. I still get that laggy feeling.

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    So this is in Windows? Remember Bootcamp is just an installer and launcher. Otherwise Windows is like it would be on a Windows machine.

    I would suggest trying a logitech driver for Windows.

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