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    How to connect Macbook Air to iMac...?

    About to get new iMac 27". Currently have an original MB Air, not sure why I didn't get normal MB but oh well. Anyway, it obviously doesn't have a mini displayport, and only has USB and some other connection that looks like a smaller USB... Any other way that I can connect it so it will work on the iMac display?



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    Just curious as to why you would want to? The MBA is a pitifully slow machine in comparison to the iMac and I don't know if it could even graphically power the iMac. Just transfer all your files via Migration assistant or if you want a clean new iMac, open the MBA and share files via bluetooth/sharing.

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    hi guys!

    cud some one tell me hw to connect my imac to my tv. i have been thinking of doing this for quite a while now....but dont know how.....any sort of help or info wud be really helpful....thnx.

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