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Thread: What DVI cable do I need

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    What DVI cable do I need
    I have a Samsung P2370 monitor that gives a stunning picture. But with my setup, I can only get analog. I'm connected to an old Power PC, Quicksilver, with an ADC video connection. I have a Belkin ADC-DVI converter, but not the correct DVI cable. What DVI cable do I need. I read on another post that I need a DVI-D to DVI-I cable. Can anyone confirm that, or give the the correct DVI cable I need to get a digital picture.


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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    You need a DVI/ADC converter from Apple, not cheap, which plugs into mains power and carries USB after connection to machine. This is from Apple Australia. US price is $99.00.

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    Since you are going from ADC to DVI you probably have the correct adaptor. From there you should be able to use the "standard" DVI cable that may have come with your Samsung.

    The only time you need the expensive unit is if you are going from a DVI output from the computer and trying to use it with an ADC monitor. The reason it's so expensive is that it supplies power for the ADC monitor and also carries USB to the hubs that were included in those monitors.
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