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Thread: Time Capsule Setup

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    Time Capsule Setup
    Newbie here, have a few questions for our time capsule set up in the yearbook room at school...

    We have:
    2 x 27" iMac (new-intel)
    1 x 21.5" iMac (new-intel)
    6 x 20" iMac (intel)
    3 x 15" iMac (powerpc)
    2 x Macbook Pro (intel)

    All except for the two new machines and laptops are running Leopard as the new machines are running Snow Leopard. We just got our brand new 1TB Time Capsule to replace our old windows based server as it was not compatible with snow leopard.

    After a few headaches this afternoon with CS3 and the time capsule, I have the time capsule set up to run on our local network, accessible at, and the wireless mode off. This setup finally worked so the time capsule can act as a server.

    Our LAN that we have in the room is just between the computers, however it does have an input from the schools network that, if plugged in, can make the internet "live". Regardless this isn't affecting operation.

    My question is, is there any way I can use the "wireless access" feature of the Time Capsule (for laptop access) without setting up a wireless apple network? It REALLY irks me that apple uses Airport Utility to set this up instead of its own utility. I just want to be able to have a "server" without broadcasting a new network. Any advice?


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    If the TC is new then it is probably one of the Dual antenna units so why not use that for the wireless then you can have the newer units on 802.11n and the older on 802.11g. Also would allow bonjour iChat IM which i think is the quickest way of sending files and links from unit to unit. Then again with Kids on the scene may not be a good idea.

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