Hello all,

I recently bought a barebones external keyboard, the Logitech Classic 200 (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/ke...046&cl=roeu,en) for my original Macbook Pro.

I'm having quite a hard time mapping the "F" keys on my external keyboard to the functions that those same "F" keys on my Mac perform. For example, I'd like to map F1 to brightness down, F2 to brightness up, so on and so forth. Curiously, the "Screen Lock" and "Pause/Break" buttons on my external keyboard perform these same functions. F9 and F10 bring up Exposť and F12 brings up Dashboard, too. Weird...

At any rate, what do you all suggest I do? Any suggestions for applications or utilities that may let me do something like this? I have tried ControllerMate, but I cant' seem to get it to work.