Nothing is wrong with it. But there seems to be a trick to it, unless I'm overlooking the obvious.

I don't keep it on. I basically use like any other External and back up when I need to.

Today I tried to send everything off my old external (about 45 GB) to the Time Capsule by drag and dropping one folder into the Time Capsule Backups folder and after about 7 hours I gave up. I trashed about 40 GB's of what I decided I didn't need, I then dragged the remaining 5 GB to my desktop and then to an extra flashdrive.

So lets forget about that 40 GBs I trashed. I still have the 5 GBs. Isn't there a simple way to just move that 5 into the Time Capsule so I don't have to have in on my computer or flash drive. It seems to be this should not take long.

My question is. What is the best way to do this.
Should I just do a back up with Time Machine, wait a day, then delete the 5 GB? Or can I just transfer the 5 GB to Time Capsule and delete it right away?

Thank you in advance.

p.s. At the risk of sounding helpless (I have looked) could someone also point me to accurate directions to secure the Time Capsule, being wireless and all. Thanks again.