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    Would I be able to connect a new Mac Mini to an older Apple Studio LCD Monitor?
    I am thinking of making the big switch from PC to Mac. I have decided my first Mac should be a Mini Mac, however I am unsure if I am able to connect the "mini DVI" connection of the Mini Mac to the “ADC” connection of the Apple Studio monitor.

    I am sure there are adaptors made for these pieces of hardware however I am still unsure about male/female connections and because of this uncertainty I don’t know what adaptor to buy. I have included a few links below to the desired monitor and also to the “Mac Mini” page on the actual Apple site. If someone could link me to the specific adaptor I need to make this connection it would be greatly appreciated!

    Apple Studio monitor…

    Apple 17 inch LCD Studio Monitor - EXCELLENT CONDITION! on eBay (end time 28-Nov-09 18:03:19 GMT)

    Apple Studio (Metallic Silver) 15" LCD Monitor on eBay (end time 03-Dec-09 13:34:02 GMT)

    Apple 15 inch flat screen monitor on eBay (end time 02-Dec-09 17:30:13 GMT)

    Mac Mini…

    Apple (United Kingdom) - Mac mini - The most affordable, energy-efficient Mac.

    Thanks alot, David

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    What you need is an Apple ADC to DVI adapter. They are not cheap at all. Search Ebay and see if you can find used at a lower price.

    Apple DVI to ADC Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.)

    The ACD adapter also provides power to the monitor and that is why it's so high in cost.

    After that all you need for a new Mini is the Mini Display to DVI adapter.

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    male - female connectors - rule of thumb

    The connections on your device (the piece of hardware equipment) will be female.
    This is true whether an iPod, TV, computer, sound system, DVD player, satellite receiver, external hard drive, camera, you name it.

    A single cable used for connecting between two devices will be male at both ends.

    The only time you will use a female end on a cable is on an adapter - allowing you to connect it to another standard cable.
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    Follow drtravis7 advice and look for a DVI/ADC connector to get mains power to your LCD display. Use one with my Dual Core G5 and works a treat.

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