Hi all--

I'm new to macs, and I just bought a mini. I have been very happy with it, but one problem I haven't been able to solve is making full use of my Logitech Wave keyboard, which I like and want to keep using.

All the standard keys work just fine as do the volume control, mute, play/pause and other music control buttons. It's just the Fn key and the other special keys ("media center", "zoom", etc.) that I can't get to work.

I installed Logitech's standard driver, and it worked great for the keyboard, but it didn't recognize my G5 laser mouse. So I found Steermouse, and that has been working great for taking advantage of all the G5 buttons, but it required that I uninstall the Logitech driver in order for it to work.

All in all, I'd rather have a good mouse driver over a keyboard driver, but it would be nice to have both. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.