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    Disable Epson Status Monitor
    Hi Guys,
    I'm new to this Forum so please forgive if I'm asking stupid questions, or in the wrong department!
    I have had instructions from a supplier as to how to Disable Epson Status Monitor, but these instructions seem to be based on a wretched PC. I have tried to find any info as to how I can do this. I'm using differently branded ink jet carts which claim to be empty when the suppliers are saying are still full. But due to the Epson Status Monitor telling me the condition of the ink, the printer has just stopped. That's why I need to turn off the Epson Status Monitor. Any clues or suggestions?
    Power Mac 1.25 10.4.11 OSX
    Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Printer.
    Thanks dave

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    Have you searched the Web for solutions to this issue? I seem to remember it arising in a Mac forum perhaps eighteen months ago. Regrettably I can't recall the exact detail, but it was very complicated. In the end I think the user replaced the printer, and I suspect you may have to do the same.

    What does Printing Prefs allow you to do, and what is available to you within the Epson printer software itself?

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