Hey all,

I just ordered the new i7 iMac (expecting it in about 1 week), and have a very general question, albeit very difficult to get a straight answer to, about hooking up my cable tv to the iMac.

I currently have at&t uverse, with the HD tier channel subscription. I also have an HD compatible receiver in my room where the iMac will be. The receiver has various video outputs: hdmi, component, composite, s-video, and coax. It also has a digital optic audio output.

Just like many users, I want to be able to watch uverse TV on the iMac. I don't need any DVR capabilities through the EyeTV software, since the uverse receiver, along with my service plan, has DVR capabilities built in. I don't plan on using the EyeTV remote. I just want to use my uverse remote, and have full uverse functionality (using the guide menu, DVR menu, system menu, etc.) on the beautiful 27 inch screen.

Is this possible with either a coax connection or other digital video/audio connection with the EyeTV hybrid?