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    9.99 PC keyboard to replace my mac one.
    Mouse got changed after two hours of use for cheap windows mouse. After fiddling around with my mac keyboard for two months I went out and bought a 9.99 PC usb keyboard from Maplin and it feels much better! How can these people get things so wrong?

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    In your other post about keyboards, we discussed the merits of using PC models. I converted to PC k/bs when I had a dreadful old HP WinOS machine for dealing with clients' Win problems. I used a Genius PS2 k/b in that setup, and when my Apple ADB k/b with the old G3 PPC gave problems, I simply transferred the Genius to that setup with an adaptor. I also abandoned my eMac Apple mouse & k/b for a generic PC mouse and Chicony PC k/b. I'm typing this on another generic PC k/b, made in China, cost about 6.50 (equiv). Apple Macs for me, but not the peripherals.

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