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    USB memory stick problems
    ok so dont know if i should put this in here

    but i have a 4gb memory stick that i formatted on snow leopard in the format ms-dos

    so it should be compatible with windows right?

    but when i plug it in to a windows system it says i have to format it

    so i format it but it only gives me the option of using 200mb of the memory
    obvs i want to use the whole 4gb

    is there a way around this?

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    Did you format the USB stick as one partition or two? Windows (any version) can only "see" the first partition on a flash memory stick. Mac OS X and Linux do not have that problem.


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    no on mac there is only one partition but the size of that partition is only 3.8gb

    i dont know how to make it 4gb even on the mac ive erased it, remormatted it with one partition, ive done more or less everything you can do to it with the disk utility but the size of the single partition in it is only 3.8gb (ive only just realised this, but i guess this is why the 200mb is the first part is seen,

    but i cant make it 4gb still

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    Nov 19, 2009
    ive managed to do it thanks anyway

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