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    which phone for isync
    Hi, I'm out of a verizon contract and am looking for a phone I can get w./out a data plan but will still isync contacts/ical. Is there a better carrier than verizon for mac support (shouldn't be hard to do :-). Any advice on a phone that is known to work with this (except for iphone of course), and carrier, would be very very helpful.

    Thank you

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    Here is a list for Leopard...I couldn't locate a list for Snow Leopard, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist...

    iSync: Supported mobile phones in Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5

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    BlackBerry has recently released desktop software for Mac. Link
    It has sync functions for address book and iCal. As well as media controls.

    I have the BB Pearl 8130 with Sprint and have used the BB desktop program to sync my address book and iCal. Only issue I had was that whatever info came from my Mac onto the phone wasn't editable on the phone. It was like since it didn't originate with the phone, you couldn't add or change any of the info.
    Although, that was with the early beta version and I have not since bothered to attempt it again with the official BB version from the link above. Not worth my time/effort but you might find it interesting.

    Also, Sprint has awesome coverage where I live (Phoenix, AZ).

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