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Thread: Bring it on LaCie

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    Bring it on LaCie
    An eventful year at most. lost a 160gig drive about a month later good ol faithful 80gig died, then the eMac went AWOL and now the LaCIE 500gig has decided long leave starts now. All the other drives are cooked. I have tried the LaCie on all my macs 15"MBP, 17"MBP, 15" G4 iBook and 2.6ghz iMac. And nothing, does not show up in Disk Utilities, tried an older version of Nortons and that didn't help. It was working 'fine' (as lacie's do), my daughter wanted to watch a movie and plugged it into her PC, it did not mount and has nvere mounted on any platform since. Any suggestions other than the reliable hammer!

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    If the PC is a tower, place the drive inside and give SpinRite a try.
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