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    PC ps2/usb keyboard not working?
    Ive got a pc keyboard I like Ive had for 10 years or so, it doesnt work with my mac using a plug to go from ps2 to usb, is this because this is an old keyboard?

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    It should work. I've use adaptors successfully in the past , but ....
    1. Do you connect it before booting your Mac?
    2. Maybe you need to connect the USB plug after your Mac is powered on.
    3. Another thing to check is that one of the PS2 plug pins isn't bent - it can easily happen.

    Failing all the above, a PC USB k/board is really cheap. I much prefer them to the Apple ones and have used alternatives for about 4 years now (also a PC mouse).

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    Jul 24, 2009
    Tried all this, changed the adapter, tried two PC keyboards doesnt see them!

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