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    Magic Mouse-Tracking Speed
    I have the latest 10.6.2 update but have a question about the tracking speed for the Magic Mouse.
    I am happy with the Magic Mouse but the tracking is slower than other mice I'm used to. I have put the tracking at the maximum speed and slower tracking is nice for sometimes clicking just where I need to but when I'm going from one side of the screen to the other it's hard. I also am using it on a mousepad. I know it's not required but seems more comfortable but the mouse goes off the end of the mouse pad when I go across the screen.
    Is there any possible way to make the tracking faster? I hope with a future update maybe Apple will make this possible if it's not now.

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    Certainly it is possible - i have a 20" connected to my 24 iMac and i can get from edge of one screen to opposite edge of other while still on a A4 sheet with the MM. Have you checked for updates since you connected that Magic Mouse. Remember, the movement is not Linear so you need to move smoothly and quickly to travel distance

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