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Thread: CD Drive Sounds does not work at all.

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    CD Drive Sounds does not work at all.
    I wrote the title wrong, it should be CD Drive does not work at all. No idea where the "Sounds" came from.

    I've got a Macbook, which I'm afraid has gotten a bit dirty over time as I've neglected to clean it and now the CD drive doesn't work. The cd goes in and stays in fine, but when it spins it makes a horrible noise and sometimes even scratches the cd. I've also had a few cases where the CD simply wouldn't come out and I had to wait for a tedious length of time while my laptop tore away at the CD. It's been like this for a while and I've gotten by, but now it has really begun to become annoying and I'd like to fix it. So, I was wondering how I should go about trying to fix it.

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    You need to replace the drive, no question. Not too hard to do, and they are cheap these days. Google for a "how to".
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