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    Question Recognizing Wrong Partition?
    Hello! I'm a new member to these forums, even though I have been here numerous times.

    After using the search function, I can't seem to find anything pertaining to my problem, so here we go.

    I recently purchased a SATA/IDE to USB converter in order to recover a bunch of important information from my Macbook's 250GB internal drive; however, when I hook everything up and connect it to a different computer, it's recognizing the wrong partition.

    About a year ago, I partitioned a 32GB section of the drive for Windows XP (solely for non-OSX programs). I used it scarcely and saved all my important files on the OSX partition. For some odd reason, whenever I plug it into any computer (either Mac or PC) it keeps bringing up the XP partition. This states a problem for me since I need to transfer my stuff off of the Mac portion.

    Does anyone have any insight for me?

    Thanks! - sooooooolo.

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    What do you mean by it's recognizing the wrong partition? Can the other partition (assuming it's HFS+) be seen at all by the Mac? The PC will only show the 32 GB partition - that's normal. The Mac partition should be listed as unknown. I don't understand why your Mac can not see the HFS+ partition unless it's been damaged somehow.


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    It hasn't been damaged at all...but yeah, when plugged into either a PC or a Mac, the 32GB partition is the only one that is recognized/seen in windows explorer or finder. It is HFS+, as well. Is there possibly a way to discover if it mounted but it's not showing?

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