Hello. I teach in a classroom lab of 26 mixed Macs. I have 3 G3 B&Ws. One of them is the oder server converted to a standard student station. The other two are driving me crazy.

1) One of them, depsite replacing the hard drives and adding memory, runs slow when booted under US9 after a few minutes. Much slower machines in the room run fine. The entire lab is running Mac Manager, OS9.2.2, and is run through Server 10.3.8. If I restart the computer in OS10, it works fine. But when I again return to OS9, after running for a few minutes, it slows to a crawl...so slow, that if a student is typing, they don't see their charachters right away...only after a delay, after other charachters have been typed out.

2) The other machine is crashing when ever Photoshop Elements 2.0 is used.The computer crashes other times, but it is primarily when a student tries to use PSE. I have edited the list of extensions down to the bare minumum. This is after reformating the entire computer, installing from scratch, replacing the hard drive and increasing the memory (currently at 256mb).

Any ideas on either of these computers? The local computer store thinks that it could be the logicboard. I am in the process of writing up a request to my supervisor to just replace the two computers with Mac Minis as a cheaper alternative to spending any more time replacing hardware components. I thought I would ask for some feedback here first.