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    Question Best cooling pad while gaming

    I have searched every forum (Including this) and I can't seem to find a proper answer.

    I've got Aeolus Enermax but when I run game like Assassins creed the temperature goes above 80°C when the cooling pad is on MAX and when the computers' fans are spinning 6000 rpm.

    All I want is a coolingpad that doesn't make my computer go above 80°C while gaming and I don't like to adjust my fans to 6000 rpm every time I want to game.

    Which one should i buy?
    I've heard that a zalman is good if you turn it around so the fans hit the hot area under the computer.

    EDIT: forgot to tell you i got a macbook pro unibody from 2009 oct

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    I've had various cooling pads for notebook computers and have come to the conclusion that none of them really make that much of a difference. Your MBP is going to run warm when gaming especially when playing a graphics intensive game like Assassins. Just keep your MBP elevated off your desk or wherever you use it and make sure nothing is obstructing the exit air vents.

    I use a "Griffin Elevator" stand for my MacBook and it works fine. When the machine gets hot the fans ramp up. That's the way it's supposed to work.


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    Thanks for your reply.

    But the thing is that my kitchen countertop that are made of stone keep my notebook way cooler than my cooling pad. That just make me think that there must be a better coolingpad out there than my Aeolus Enermax or a big, flat stone.

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