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    Reformatting NTFS question
    Hi, I'm new to these forums so please bear with me (not even sure I'm typing the question in the right place! Durrr!) I have a portable hard drive that I have been using with my PC and laptop (until they both died) and I now need to use it with my mini mac. Problem is it's in NTFS format so I only have read access. Spoke to Mac tech support today and they suggested I re-format it to Mac format BUT I have 92GB of itunes on it that I really do not want to lose and obviously apart from moving these files from one external hard drive to another (at a cost of a new hard drive) I'm a bit stuck. Does anyone know if there's another way around this please so I can use the hard drive on both Mac and PC (for when my laptop's repaired)? Many thanks. Apologies if this has already been answered previously...

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    If you really cannot reformat it then you can get reda and write ability to that NTFS drive with this:

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