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    MacDrive 8 / ExtremeCopy corrupted HD
    I have a 1.5-year-old Intel MacBook running Leopard and a 2 TB Western Digital external hard drive, which is full to capacity. I also have a brand new Dell Inspiron running Windows 7 R.C. (64-bit version).

    I wanted to move all of my music from the external (which is Mac-formatted) to the PC, so I downloaded MacDrive 8 and installed it - and let's just say I didn't exactly get my activation code from the developer. I started to move the music library (all 240 GB of it) to the PC, but the transfer was slow and kept stopping after about 16,000 songs, so I downloaded ExtremeCopy to get things moving faster. It didn't fix the issue with the transfer stopping - I think that has something to do with the number of bits allocated to "count" the files or something, but that isn't really my issue anyway.

    In the end, I broke up my library into 16,000 song chunks and transferred the first two to the PC with no issues. When I went to transfer the third the next day, I was instantly given the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH and the PC restarted.

    Now the hard drive is corrupted somehow - I can't get it to mount on either the PC or the mac. On the mac, it shows up as an unmounted drive in disk utility, but I can't mount it there - also, both "repair disk" and "verify disk" are unavailable.

    I have downloaded data rescue II, and as I write this it is faithfully transferring my data onto another hard drive - it was able to scan it without any problems. I'm also currently downloading Drive Genius and TechTools Pro in hopes one of them will be able to repair it - but if anyone knows an easier way I would love to hear it. I don't feel like the damage is "that bad" - the PC only had a split second to screw up the drive, so it is probably just a misplaced registry file or something.

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    Nov 12, 2009
    By the way, before somebody asks why this is a problem since I am going to be able to recover my data, I should say that I don't have another 2 TB HD, I don't want to buy one, and transferring everything through Data Rescue is going to take at least a week.

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    Oh, and before somebody calls me an idiot for not using the mac to transfer the music to another FAT-formatted HD (since I have two more) and then transferring from that to the PC... believe me, I'm kicking myself right now for not thinking of that. MacDrive just looked so.... cool.

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    OK, got it fixed.... and it was really weird how.

    As I said, I had begun to recover my data with Data Rescue II, when Drive Genius finished downloading. The smart move would have been to wait for the recovery to finish before attempting a repair - but I threw caution to the wind, aborted the recovery and opened Drive Genius.

    And that fixed it. Not running a repair in Drive Genius - just opening it. All I did was look at "Information" (look before you leap) and it said that the drive was mounted - and lo and behold, it was. Just to be safe, I'm running a "Repair Disk" in disk utility, but all seems to be good now.

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