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    External Speaker Control?
    Hello everyone,

    A friend has one of those all-in-one Mac desktops and we connected external speakers. The speakers are from a large screen TV that he has. Sometimes he uses the TV sound for the computer. But other times he is watching the TV and using the computer and he wants the computer sounds to stay on the computer. Or, he might have the TV off and he gets no sound on the computer because the external speakers are still plugged in.

    Is there a way for the Mac to use its own speakers even when the external speakers are still plugged in? I'd like to override that feature that automatically uses the external speakers if they are plugged in. He doesn't like fiddling with wires.


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    yer, go to system preferences>sound>output
    and select the built in option
    unfortunately you have to do this every time you want to change the speakers

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    I use a neat little app called for switching input and output sources. Available at versiontracker: Audio Switcher 1.3.1 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

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