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    Unhappy Mighty Mouse Weirdness

    I cleaned my wireless mighty mouse ball that wouldn't scroll down by rubbing the ball really hard on a piece of paper, and it worked better than anything I'v ever tried. Problem is, when I press on the left mouse button it barely works, the right one doesn't even work, and then middle mouse button (when you push down on the scroll ball) acts as the right mouse button.

    I have checked the preferences for the mouse and everything is set up correctly. I even tried another wireless mighty mouse and it worked normally. When I left click on the dock, the program opens immediately, but when I left click anything else, it doesn't work, or works after the 3rd time. Also when I left click in Safari, instead of opening in the same window, it always opens in tabs.

    Any ideas,

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    Grab a hammer, put the mighty mouse on a hard surface, hit it as hard as you can, then go buy a magic mouse. Problem solved.
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    i have cleaned 2 or 3 this way - works well.

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    My MM went haywire the other day. I ended up going to the bluetooth preference menu and deleting it's profile. After I resync'd it was fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Collin Bl View Post
    i have cleaned 2 or 3 this way - works well.
    Good lord, is THAT what contraption facilitates the action of rolling?

    What an utterly STUPID design!

    Wouldn't mind one of them magic mouses though..

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    I've had a lot of Mighty Mouse experience. Sometimes the click function just quits working and nothing will help. I've returned 4 of them over the last 3 years for replacements. I keep the 3 I have now working by occasionally cleaning the scroll ball. I use rubbing alcohol. I select a fairly hard surfaced cloth, and wet a spot with a small amount of alcohol. Then I turn the mouse upside down, and vigorously rub the scroll ball over the wet spot a number of times. Then I rub it on a dry section of the cloth. That seems to clean the ball every time.

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    While ago I found a similar instruction site as Collin BI introduced and I started enjoying cleaning those tiny rollers. I work for QC and at work there is an industrial grade stereo microscope. When I first saw the dirty roller under the microscope, it was just amazingly dirty. I saw small lint, cat hair, dirt... and could not believe those tiny objects eventually interrupted the roller movement. Anyhow, after a few cleanings, I was able to repeat disassemble-clean-reassemble in 10 minutes or less.

    I recently purchased a Magic Mouse and will no longer go through this routine cleaning process...

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    I've done the piece of paper when I was using my Mighty Mouse, but also I've found that what works well if you need to clean the ball you can get these plastic toothpicks that have pick on one end, and a very thin brush. They also work well to get spinach out from between your teeth.

    Anyway one of those picks can be used to work into the sides of the ball, and the brush end (very tiny, like about 4mm x 2mm) can be worked in to dislodge debris from the nipple socket.

    However, I too have given up my Mighty for the nipple-less Magic, and no longer need to worry about cleaning.

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