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    Time Capsule setup and security
    I'm sort of new to the Time Capsule and still trying to wrap my head around all the different services.

    Currently I've setup my Time Capsule via ethernet and have setup mobile me on it.
    I've been trying to setup 'back to my mac' with no luck, the time capsule never shows up in the mobile me account.

    I'm able to connect to the Time Capsule via AFP protocol, but I couldn't find any documentation detailing the level of security of this connection. So far all that I've found is that my documents are being sent as clear text, not even the slightest hope of SSL.

    I would hope that enforce SSL and deny clear text connection would be an option but I couldn't find it in the control panel.

    My last question is regarding the Time Capsule network share option. Obviously the share works well, as it can be access by any computer, but how would one setup the Time Machine to back it up too? As of right now it seems that the general belief of having your network share on the device that backs up your mac, means that the network share itself is being backed up. This is obviously not true, unless it's setup.

    A little bit of help/light would be greatly appreciate on these questions. I may have been caught in the middle of apple commercial propaganda and therefore believe that the peripheral can do more than it physically can.


    ps: I've posted this on other mac forums, but I figured this would be a good place to get feedback/quick answers

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    The Apple Discussions pages provided most of the info I used when I had TC problems. The login uses your apple ID.

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