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Thread: Magic Mouse Lag

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    I got my Magic Mouse last week from the NO Apple Store. Love it (and naturally thus need to post in every Magic Mouse thread) and have no lag with my 13" MBP. Got the update to have the right drivers, and it's been awesome.

    As for the ergonomics I've seen a lot of people complain about, not seeing it. This is a mouse that just requires a gentle grip using your fingers to move it and not your entire hand/wrist. I do miss the squeeze button in one way since I used that with the Mighty (now Apple) Mouse for Exposé, but then again I often found myself inadvertently triggering it when lifting the mouse to traverse my external monitor; so in that way I don't miss it. I do miss the middle click, but the touch scroll makes up for it and I can retrain myself to use Command-click for middle button, and the 'right click' is set to invoke Exposé.

    Overall it's an awesome mouse, and I drop it into my bag to take to work every day.

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    is everyone with the mouse lag have a external display as well ?

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    i have Magic Mouse and external display and it has worked flawlessly from the start. But if more features are needed this has heaps;
    Download MagicPrefs for Mac - Adds functions and options to the Apple Magic Mouse. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads

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    i hate to bump an old thread, but curiosity got the best of me. does anyone else aside from me have issues with the "right click" on the magic mouse?? like sometimes it doesn't work at all, and it left clicks instead. i called the customer service about 2 or so weeks into ownership, because it was making me crazy. the guy walked me through the update (had no idea they had updates on the website like that), and it worked great for about 5 minutes before not working again. don't get me wrong, the right click function works, but it doesn't work every time. it really still bothers me because i tend to open like 10 tabs at a time whenever i'm online.

    i did talk to a guy at the apple store where i purchased my computer, and he said he hadn't heard of it before. he also said to bring it with next time i was at the store so they could test it. he said that if it was a legitimate problem, they'd replace it for me. my only concern is that the thing will probably work flawlessly in the store and i'll look like a fool.
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    Magic Mouse Lagging
    I just bought a spanking new magic mouse and it's also lagging. I have a black mouse pad on there which makes it lag. I think it could be the surface that makes it lag. Tested different surfaces and some are better then others when
    it comes to lagging. I noticed if I just use my desk that is dark stained wood with out no mouse pad works the best. Does anyone agree with me on this issue? If I am wrong then how do I get this lagging problem fixed?

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    Magic Mouse Lagging
    Actually my mouse started to lag when I connected my wireless key board. I have been reading that this problem has been only happening to Mac Pro Towers. I have a Mac Pro tower and it did start to lag when dragging my mouse
    back and forth. I would get a annoying lagging. After I connected my keyboard instant lagging. I did a software update and updated the new software for Blue Tooh or it was new for my computer (1.0) version). Restarted my computer and lagging is gone. I guess the new update was for the keyboard to use less battery life. It also fixed my annoying lagging. Mouse works GREAT. I just hope it stays this way.

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