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Thread: Connecting to Pioneer SC-05 reciver

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    Connecting to Pioneer SC-05 reciver
    I have a Mac Mini and a Pioneer SC-05 AV receiver. The receiver has a LAN input that allows me to send music, movies, and photos through it. i have attached my mini and SC-05 via Ethernet, but the i can not find the receiver in with the mini. anyone have an idea how to connect these so i can access it through the mini? thanks

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    Time to pull out the owner's manual and start reading Chapter 10.

    What little I looked at it, not sure you're going to get it working from the mini without installing Windows. Everything points to requiring WMP 11 or a DLNA server.

    Under "Note:" on page 74:
    Video files cannot be played back.

    Audio, photos and internet radio are a possibility.

    You'll also need to read the section on setting up the receiver to get it's IP address from the router (your DHCP server).

    Unless someone comes along here familiar with that receiver, you might want to do some searching/reading over at AVS forums. Maybe see if you can find a Pioneer specific forum also.

    Even in either one of those, they'll expect you to be somewhat familiar with that section of the manual.
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