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    Oct 24, 2009
    external FAT32 hdd not showing over mac network
    hi... i m using imac and macbook pro... i have external hdd 1 terra formatted as FAT32... i connected this 1 terra FAT32 formatted hdd to my imac and when i try to connect it from my macbook pro it doesn't show... all the computers are connected to a router... i can see every thing on imac even the firewire 500gb external hdd which is formatted as mac but this FAT32 formatted hdd is unable to show...

    to make sure i took this hdd to my office where again i have all mac environment and i hooked the external to one of the mac and when i try to connect it from my mac it doesn't show...

    any solution to this?????

    i shall be very grateful to you...



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    First, please don't crosspost. I just read your same post in the networking forum.

    Also, the information you give here is different that what you described in the networking forum. Please clarify and post back to the same thread.


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    oops! sorry chscq...

    i did not realize that i have two posts...

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