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    Everything works after waterspill except backlight. Sell or fix
    Hello everyone,

    Well after having my traumatic water spill due to bad faith, have a vertic on my macbook 15" unibody repair. The tech, from tekserve, mentioned that everything, logic board, keyboard, hardrive, is working find but the led backlight will need replacement. According to him, it will cost around $789.00 to replace the led backlight. How much does that part actually cost and home repair possible?

    Here's my question to you. I paid 1800, with tax, for this new mackbook in July. Now the tech mentioned that I could use a external display and it would work wonderfully but that kind of defeats the purpose of a "laptop". Considering I already paid 250 for the spill cleaning, and it would cost me and additional 789.00 to fix, that 1,030 dollars in total for repair. That's more than half the cost of the computer.

    Is it worth it to repair or do you think I sell it for a grand or so, sell my other white macbook and just buy another new one? Advice much needed.


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    I would "guess" the $789.00 cost to replace the LED backlight includes the cost of replacing the entire display assembly. Replacing a backlight, whether it's an LED or CCFD type is a very difficult and tedious repair. Usually, it's recommended to replace the entire display assembly which includes the backlight.

    To answer your question about spending that kind of money to repair the machine or buy another - only you can make that decision.

    However, in my experience, troubles after a spill do not show up right away. Sometimes it can take weeks and even months before spill damage shows up in a component, especially the very expensive logic board.


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    i would shop around for a screen, and do it urself.on my 13 inch .u pull plastic with suction cup and i used a hair dryer and credit card to seperate.then 6 screws and lvds cable..tada i used a suction cup that i use to hold potholders to wall..can get em anywhere..

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