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    External Hard Drive to use with PC & Macbook Pro
    So I have a desktop PC (Windows XP) and a Macbook Pro. I want to get a external hard drive, so I can move files back and fourth. Most likely will be just music, movies, pictures, word documents, and some install files like for example; nvidia video card drivers for my pc so I wouldn't have to re-download the drivers from the site- just want to be able to click and install from the external hard drive, and same with the macbook.

    So pretty much I want 1 external hard drive to hold both my pc and macbook files. (getting sick of burning music and movies onto a DVD data disk everytime I reformat).


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    Use Fat32 or you could also use NTFS if you used something like this on the Mac. I would use NTFS:

    Paragon NTFS for MAC® OS X - communication channel between MAC® OS X and Windows

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    So I bought a WD My Passport Essential 320gb external hard drive today. It comes with "WD SmartWare software", can I just delete this software, I don't like it that much. I just want to drag and drop files into the hd.

    Also I just noticed my DVD player has a USB PORT! But I don't think it reads NTFS format... Will formatting my ext. hd to FAT32 be "unreliable" or what's the cons? There's some people who say FAT32 get corrupted easily blah blah.


    edit: found out how to remove WD SmartWare software.

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    If you format that drive to FAT-32 you will be limited to a single file size of around 4 GB. That means you will be unable to store movies or large videos to the drive. Either leave it NTFS or format it to HFS+. Of course either way you will need a third party driver to be able to use it both for your PC and Mac.

    You didn't say which OS X you're using... Snow Leopard has a built in capability to read and write to NTFS but it's not turned on by default. It must be turned on via a Terminal command or another application called "ntfsMounter".


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