(I am unsure if this is the proper catagory.)

I'm not using a mac to send this comment. As a result some of the characters are not as they appear on my mac.

Without holding the shift key:

`∞≠∑π∂˙u8710 ˚Ωu8776 √u8747 ≤u8805

While holding the shift key:

`⁄fiu64258 ∏˝ƿ

Noted the last line of keys does not produce any characters while holding the shift key down.

There are also odd window reactions. Such as when one window is closed, all windows close. When searching in safari, control must be held down otherwise the link is saved. In garage band the "S" key in keyboard mode does not play while the "Tab" Key is held down. Along with these strange characters, the Apple icon appears under the combination "Shift + K"

Also it is noted that it is not needed to hold down the shift key to activate safe mode, that is down without doing anything. by holding the shift key down will start up the Mac normally. However in either case the pervious noted conditions are still present.

I have alredy taken this laptop to Best Buy. (The original purchase place) After Geek Squad looked at it, they concluded they have no idea what is wrong with it.