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r0ganj0sh 10-18-2009 05:38 PM

Looking for new External HD in UK.
So my 320gb wd portable hd is running out of space. I currently have it split in 1/2 one bit for Time Machine back ups and the other for films, books, etc...

Wondering what anyone would recommend as the next upgrade? I'm in the UK and am looking at around 1tb so i wont have to buy a new one too soon. Looking for something that has usb and firewire connections. Not looking to spend more than 150 tops on it as well. The brands that seem most common here are WD and Seagate from what i have seen. My WD portable has never given me any trouble, but are there any brands people could recommend?


Kevriano 10-19-2009 08:26 AM

All much the same, but if you look around you can get some killer deals.
If you can find a Maplin store, they are selling 1TB Seagate drives for £80, but you will easily get one for that if you hunt around.
Tesco (supermarket) also sell a 1TB Iomega for £90.

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