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    SIP/VOIP with Skype phone for Mac

    I own an iMac OS X10 and use an SIP service for VOIP calls (not skype) but only own a Skype Phone. Is there any kind of software out there that will make a SKYPE phone work for normal SIP programs (such as X-Lite which is what I'm using)

    It works fine for taking calls but because it doesn't have MAC drivers and I'm not using it with the skype software I can't use the buttons on the phone, only the software on my computer.

    Hope I actually make sense!


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    Hi! I've got the same problem with the other service at Mac.

    I'm currently using the service callnspeak, but for calls from browser, as it doesn't have iOS app, only Android one.
    But it is inconvenient and I'm serching for alternatives... for calling from Mac. Any advices?

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